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Take a look through a variety of pictures and videos that will better inform you on our all-inclusive services, as well as our state-of-the-art facilities for Micro Grow Cultivators.

Canadian Craft Growers Corporation (CCG Corp.) is a Canadian based real estate and business management company. We have created a unique business concept that will provide Canadians who are interested in the fast-growing cannabis micro grow cultivation program, a turn-key solution and Health Canada approved facilities across the country.

Since its inception and having sold out all units in the first three phases, CCG is on track for our 600,000+ sq. ft cultivation facility in the town of Bowmanville.

Our truly one-of-a-kind (Co-op) concept provides those who wish to become Micro Grow Cultivators (MGC) a full business solution from the first initial application to a turn-key operation. CCG provides all-inclusive services to the micro growers and unit owners that work with us in order to better their journey in cannabis cultivation and ensure that their needs are always met to the highest degree of efficiency and care.

Canadian Craft Growers Corporation has experts that brings a variety of experience and professionalism to construction execution and provide you with a wholesale purchase agreement with some of Canada’s largest licensed producers (LP’s).