Canadian Craft Growers connects you with industry approved research & development professionals so that micro growers acquire the best quality products.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we facilitate connections with the most innovative research and development teams who can provide micro growers and business owners with product diversity, pheno hunting and new strain genetics. They will also strive to develop new cultivars that differ in various levels of cannabinoids and terpene profiles, in order to better assist with a variety of ailments. This ultimately provides more options and better diversity to the consumer so that their freedom to choose is never put second.

We facilitate connections to these research teams who have years of experience in the industry. So, what does this mean for micro growers? It means that the experienced master growers and research teams are putting in the hard work to create top-of-the-line genetics, so that craft growers who work with us don’t have to.

Our main focus is to bridge the gap between MMAR growers as people who have forged the way for legalization, by giving them a platform to actually work in this expanding industry. By doing this, we are providing these growers with the easiest process as possible so that they can spend more time doing what growers love to do, which is tending for the flower. At the end of the day, this allows for growers and unit owners to obtain the best information at hand, and the best genetics to work with. This provides the possibility of a higher price for the product, because the quality and medicinal properties of the plant are improved and also the ability to provide the market with new cultivars that have not been experienced before.